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Gareth Dickson

Collected Recordings

Label: 12K

Format: CD

Genre: Rock

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In 2009 Drifting/Falling released Gareth Dickson’s debut album, Collected Recordings, a stunningly beautiful and haunting ambient folk album which caught the attention of 12k’s Taylor Deupree. Thus began a not-as-easy-as- expected search for Dickson to try to coax him into writing an album for 12k. After a couple of cross-Atlantic voyages and a brief run-in involving a failing rental car and a herd of sheep on a dusty Scotish road, Deupree and Dickson met and Quite A Way Away was recorded for 12k. Today Collected Recordings remains as captivating and powerful as when it was first released. The original edition on Drifting/Falling has since gone out of print.
12k’s re-issue adds two additional tracks which Dickson wrote around the same time as the original material but have been previously unreleased.

Cat. number: 12k2029
Year: 2013

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