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Frame - Excerpt 1
Frame - Excerpt 2


Frame - 20th Anniversary (2 Clear LP)

Label: 12K

Format: 2 Clear LP

Genre: Electronic

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** Edition of 500. Double LP on clear vinyl including D side with previously unreleased material ** Often cited as the most classic and groundbreaking of all of 12k’s releases, Shuttle358’s Frame ushered in an era of humanism, melody and organics in the era of Microsound and the Clicks and Cuts movement at the turn of the century. While it was still steeped in digital sound and the magnification of error as intention, Frame somehow managed to fuse emotion into what had become a very structuralist and cold musical movement. 12k is very happy to present Frame, after 20 years, for the first time on vinyl released as a double LP with a D-Side full of previously unreleased masterial from the era of Frame’s creation. This version of Frame was mixed throughout 2020 by Shuttle358’s Dan Abrams using a hand-painted spectrum reconstrution method on the original tracks and remastered for vinyl by Taylor Deupree.

If you put an empty frame against a blank wall, you suddenly notice the the color, the patterns, the imperfections in the plaster. The frame is like a window of perception. It takes the wall outside time. The frame draws attention to what is within it—it magnifies it, you focus on it, it begins to symbolize the whole wall. - Dan Abrams 


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