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masahiko satoh

Jaga Wa Hashitta (The Creature Called Man)
€ 27.90
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masahiko satoh - Jaga Wa Hashitta (The Creature Called Man)

masahiko satoh

Jaga Wa Hashitta (The Creature Called Man)

€ 27.90

LABEL: Bridge Inc.
GENRE: Library/Soundtracks | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. BRIDGE-047 | YEAR. (2016)

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**2006 release, long out of print, very few copies available** This album's a pretty great testament to Satoh's durability as one of the great composer arrangers – sublime stuff from the late 70s, and a record that really works nicely alongside Masahiko's music for films. An obscure murder mystery, given a great deal of depth and class from the music – which is often surprisingly jazzy, despite the setting of the film and kinda avantgardish in some passagesBut all this idle talk aside, it's the music that really counts. And it burns hard…hardcore trio line-up consisting out of Sato Masahiko on piano, Arakawa Yasuo on bass and Togashi Masahiko on drums. Together they are responsible for unleashing a jaw-droppingly great amalgam-sounding explosion of disruptive energy. They trash out an entirely new Japanese free jazz methodology by incorporating enka and minyo tapes into the performance, rendering it into an otherworldly, if not almost eerie listening experience. Loud percussive crashes collide with rattling piano rolls that get underscored by blood-thumbing bass riffage. When all interaction gets mineralized into a minimalist excursion the minyo tape insertions dwarf into the foreground, making it all sound like rural traditions going bananas through a intravenous fix of avant-garde that gets nuked right into the bloodstream of the national subconscious. Chilling, lysergic, stupefyi

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Soundtrack to the 1970 film "Jaga ga hashitta" (English title: The Creature Called Man), directed by Kiyoshi Nishimura.

Gatefold papersleeve with obi and liner notes insert.

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