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Jayeche - excerpt 1
Jayeche - excerpt 2
Jayeche - excerpt 3

Ofrenda, Vytas Brenner

Jayeche (LP)

Label: Best Record Italy

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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**475 copies, 2019 stock** The rare and sought-after third album by Venezualan keyboard legend Vytas Brenner, first released in 1975 under the band name Ofrenda, stands as arguably his crowning achievement in a career in which he successfully managed to build a bridge between his homeland's traditional music, jazz fusion of a distinctly Weather Report / Return To Forever stripe, and a generous helping of kosmische stargazing. The result is a groove-driven, exotic and richly psychedelic confection that has weathered the storm of more than 40 years alarmingly well, making for a particularly foot-tapping trip across the cosmos.

Cat. number: BST-XLP002
Year: 2016