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Christopher Ried

La Revanche Des Mortes-Vivantes (aka The Revenge Of The Living D

Label: Specific Bis

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

In stock

**Limited edition of 500 coloured LP** « La Revanche Des Mortes Vivantes » was made in 1986 by Pierre B. Reinhard and released on vinyl the same year by EPM Music. Promoted as France’s first gore film, the motion picture is a consumate shocker of horror and sex that as grown into a legend as being one of the sickest and most perverse of zombie films.

« In France, the CEO of a chemical company looks to cheaply dispose of their plant’s chemical waste. He and his secretary come up with the idea to dump it illegally. When the secretary contaminates a milk tanker, it causes several deaths in the town. The toxic waste, illegally dumped in a nearby graveyard, then causes the recently dead townspeople to rise as ravenous zombies, who seek revenge on the unscrupulous company and its employees… »

Directly taken from the original master tapes from Christian Bonneau/EPM Music and mastered by Julien Louvet, the release contains for the first time ever the full score from the motion picture, including « The Dead Suite ». The 12 pages booklet also includes liner notes by John Bender and Christian Bonneau. New design by Lucas Giorgini.
Cat. number: SPCFCBIS002
Year: 2018

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