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Michel Magne

Les Tontons Flingueurs (LP)


** 2021 Stock. Edition of 500 ** The music of the film Les Tontons Flingueurs, as well as that of James Bond, is recognizable from the first notes. A little ritornello that even manages to run through the heads of 21st century kids. Musicologists call monotheism the stylistic variations around a single musical theme that can be found in Les Tontons: on the banjo, during the "bourre pif" sessions, in gloria, in jazz, in blues or in Hully Gully. The soundtrack of Les Tontons Flingueurs seems, at first, rather catchy and accessible, but it turns out to be a real exercise in style. After reading Michel Magne's autobiography "L'amour de vivre", one can better understand this aesthetic bias, capable of bringing together popular music and sound experimentation. In the film, the character of Antoine Delafoy, fiancé of Patricia (the daughter of the "Mexican") played by Claude Rich is a parody of Michel Magne. He imitates a contemporary musician who tries to obtain "the absolute anti-tune" with the help of a tap. "We don't really know what it is, but it's fun".

Cat. number: PCR035
Year: 2020