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Live à Metamórfosi 2019 (LP)

Label: Almost Musique

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Recorded live in Paris in 2015 (not sure wht the title says' 2019' but...) here we have an new LP from France, the legendary trio (hurdy gurdy, bass, drums) of Yann Gourdon, Mathieu Tilly, Jeremie Sauvage, founded in Valence back in 2005. Over the last 14 years they've been delving into the dark folds of drone and experimentalism, collaboratively breathing new life into these territories or sound. An expansive universe of rhythm and tone, at times flirting at the outer borders of Tony Conrad's legendary collaboration with Faust (Outside the Dream Syndicate), grown for carefully considered constraint and control. Built around circular rhythms, trance inducing riffs, and microtonal variation, using only a minimal drum kit, bass and hurdy-gurdy, it propels the ear into new dimension of dark ecstaticism.
Cat. number: ALMST15
Year: 2019