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Nikos Kyriazopoulos, Korhan Erel

Live Electronics


Format: CD

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An improvised duo piece of Nikos Kyriazopoulos and Korhan Erel. Recorded live at Knot gallery, Athens, on March 18, 2011 this documentation consists of both artists' performing explorations on electronics and combines the ‘warmness’ of handmade analog oscillators and spring reverbs (by Nikos Kyriazopoulos) to the ‘sharpness’ of  digitally synthesized and computer-software performed sounds (by Korhan Erel who played with his Omnibus instrument). Both traditional and contemporary electronic equipment and aesthetics blend into a common sonic narration/convertation where slowly pulsing bass drones create layers under the surface of sudden high-pitched unidentified carefully structured noises.

Cat. number: none
Year: 2011
Genre: Electronic


Recorded live in Athens at KNOT gallery on 28 March 2011; black cdr in silk screen hand-printed cover wrapped in plastic sleeve; limited edition of 200 copies, not numbered