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Format: CD

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The duo appearing on "VAGUE" is Scillia Lorage and Kiko.C.Esseiva.
The encounter between them gave birth to this project in springtime 2008 in which their intentions lie in experimental free improvisation. On this recording, Kiko C. Esseiva played live tape manipulations and Scillia Lorage weaves, with her voice, sounds that are manipulated live on her sampler. With spontaneity, they attempt to build soundscapes and sounds character; sometimes by walking on eggs, some other times trying to save the eggs from a giant...The concert in Athens presented here, is reproduced in its entirety without editing. Accidents and floating moments give this recording an imperfect character, maybe suitable to a human nature…

 We're glad that our experiment got enough attention to be presented in this edition.Thanks to the KUKURUKU enthusiasm.

Scillia and Kiko

Cat. number: none
Year: 2008
Genre: Electronic

Improvisations recorded live in Mixanourgeio (Polytechnio), Athens, 19 September 2008.
Limited to 150 numbered copies.