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Live In Graz - excerpt 1
Live In Graz - excerpt 2
Live In Graz - excerpt 3
File under: ExperimentalKraut

Kosmischer Läufer

Live In Graz (12")

Label: Unknown Capability Recordings

Format: 12"

Genre: Electronic

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**2020 stock** "Recorded live at The Orpheum Theatre in Graz, Austria. 25.02.15. It is perhaps apt that the first live performances of Martin Zeichnete's music were by Yann Tiersen and his band. It was at the Breton musician's 2013 concert in Berlin that Unknown Capability Recordings' Drew McFadyen first met Zeichnete and the road to his musical re/discovery began. UCR’s first release from the Kosmischer Läufer archive that year led to calls for Zeichnete to emerge from the shadows and play live. Reluctant to do so himself, he was delighted to see the concerts which led to this recording go ahead. Across thirteen countries in early 2015 as part of the Infinity Tour Tiersen's band performed a set of Zeichnete's songs to packed halls. Eager to do the source material justice the group combined analogue electronics with live instruments to faithfully conjure up the sound and spirit of Zeichnete's originals. Played live for the first time ever, we hope you enjoy it... Zeit zum Laufen!
File under: ExperimentalKraut
Cat. number: UCR002V
Year: 2017