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Volume Four - excerpt 1
Volume Four - excerpt 2
Volume Four - excerpt 3
Volume Four - excerpt 4
File under: ExperimentalKraut

Kosmischer Läufer

Volume Four (LP)

Label: Unknown Capability Recordings

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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**2020 stock** "While working as a sound editor for DEFA in the 1970’s and 80's Martin Zeichnete led a secret, parallel life writing music to train and inspire East Germany’s athletic elite. This fourth compilation of Zeichnete’s work will take us on a cosmic voyage of both the body and the mind... Tracks 1 to 4 of this collection contains a running program at 150 bpm taken from various years of the project. After the warm-up fanfare of Zeit zum Laufen 150 (1977) we launch into the sleek, motorik engine of Goldene Tage (1982). The second running piece Lichtgeschwindigkeit (1983) comes from one of the final Kosmischer Läufer sessions where Zeichnete used a drummer and bass player in the studio. The haunting waltz Der Leuchtturm am Ende der Zeit (1976) provides a calming warm-down.
Tracks 5 to 9 give us a first listen to a different aspect of Zeichnete’s work.1978’s Der Weg (The Path), was the culmination of his experiments to bring focus to athletes’ minds using music and images. As Zeichnete recalls, ‘As early as 1974 we were looking to provide a mental stimulus for the athletes as well as physical. We began with alpha wave projection and used dream-machine-like devices with an instructor reading inspirational messages. These early attempts appeared to have no real value to the athletes so I progressed to making a film with a suitable soundtrack. To view Der Weg the subject would be comfortably seated in a darkened room wearing headphones. The film would be projected large-scale onto a concave wall filling their field of vision.’
The film began with a voice-over while a light pulsing gently at 10hz appeared on the screen. Once the subject was attuned to their surroundings the film then progressed as follows: Phase I – Forst - As the music begins we see scenes of the universe, of life on earth and nature. We end up in a beautiful forest with sunlight playing through the leaves. This section evoked a sense of calm.
Phase II – Das Meer - The deepest part of the meditation. We are flying across the ocean as the sun is rising. Then we are under the sea. All is tranquil as we move among the shoals of fish.
Phase III – Heimat - We are now in modern East Germany. We see the country we love. We see the faces of the people we as athletes will represent. Positive messages appear on the screen.
Phase IV – Morgen - We see our fellow athletes training and winning great victories for our country. Captions on the screen tell us that this is our future!
Sadly, the film has been lost to time but it lives on in Zeichnete’s vibrant soundtrack. Zeit zum Laufen!

File under: ExperimentalKraut
Cat. number: UCKL004V
Year: 2018

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