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Jussi Lehtisalo


Label: Sige

Format: TAPE

Genre: Experimental

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Jussi Lehtisalo is the bass guitarist of renowned avant-Finns Circle, and Maisteri, the latest in a long line of solo productions, is as fun as its colourful Mexican wrestling cover suggests. Lehtisalo evidently has a lot more to him than bass playing too: these productions are full of instrumentation. Three lengthy compositions over two sides of vinyl, released by Ektro.

"What a great atmosphere on this album! Brilliant compositions and lyrics. The soundscapes and textures are just wonderful, and so are the mixes. Unresistable, yet savagely melancholic groove throughout the record. Intense dynamics in the long song structures... Damn I'm good!" ~Jussi Lehtisalo

Cat. number: SIGE 042 MC
Year: 2016