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Maurizio BIANCHI - Siegmar FRICKE


Label: Menstrualrecordings

Format: CD digipack

Genre: Experimental

In stock

"For whatever reason I am not entirely sure of Maurizio Bianchi hooked up with Siegmar Fricke a lot since he returned to recording new music again. Fricke always seems to have something to do with the music of Bianchi, whether or not it is a collaboration, mastering, mixing or post production. Here on 'Makrokosmikro' its a collaboration with Bianchi getting credit for 'macrowaves, cosmotronics, microloops' and Fricke for 'mactronics, cosmodulations, microblending', which I am sure they have had a fun time thinking of. And I guess it also says something about the music too. The music they play is perhaps the nightmare version of the old seventies German cosmic music. The cold, alienated soundscapes, the empty industrial sites and the post nuclear landscape: those are the images that spring to mind when one hears this music. Made with analogue and digital sound synthesis, lots of sound effects, which might count for the cosmic aspect of this music. Maybe in the final piece, the title piece, things come a bit closer to the original world of cosmic music, but I must say that this nightmare version is one that I quite enjoy. Both ambient and industrial, and an excellent recording of it, make it a great constant flow of things, which never has a dull moment. Among the various things they already recorded, this is one of the best so far." - FdW

Cat. number: LH09
Year: 2009
The macrocosm is the incalculable macrospace out of our fertile body, and the microcosm is the calibrated microspace inside our neutralistic body. What is the plurivalent and padded Makrokosmikro? A joint attempt to parody
the intelligible space in a cosmic improvisation. And the two submissive de-composers are ready to let you guard your compatible safety.

Maurizio Bianchi: macrowaves,cosmotronics,microloops.
Siegmar Fricke: macrotronics, cosmodulations, microblending.

Limited numbered edition of 117 copies with insert.

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