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Matière - Excerpt 1
Matière - Excerpt 2
Matière - Excerpt 3
Matière - Excerpt 4

Noemi Buchi

Matiere (12")

Label: Light of Other Days

Format: 12"

Genre: Electronic

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* Comes with a poster by artist Alice Gilardi * Light Of Other Days presents Noémi Büchi's debut Ep: «Matière». This album is the result of an extensive study with a modular synthesizer as her instrument of choice mixed with field recordings of sounds and noises surrounding her every day life . Apart from being a student of Electroacoustic Composition and listening to tons of music, Noémi finds most of her inspiration in long nature walks through nearby forests and foggy hills situated close to her bedroom studio.

With her music she leads the listener safely through deep paths of complex rhythms and otherworldly sounds. Her awareness of timbre, nuance and harmonic diversity are constantly matched with her ability to produce fresh and revealing arrangements. «Matière» is an exciting excerpt from the works and life of a very talented young artist with a bright future ahead.

Cat. number: LOOD018
Year: 2020