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Mètèorismes - excerpt 1
Mètèorismes - excerpt 2
Mètèorismes - excerpt 3
Mètèorismes - excerpt 4

Ramuntcho Matta

Météorismes (LP)

Label: SometimeStudio

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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In this album Ramuntcho Matta offers us a new vision of his music and, by extension, of his world. Most of the songs were recorded with a dictaphone in order to stay as close as possible to the music. It is a return to the roots and spontaneity that reveals a voice that is both dense and subtle, hoarse and sensual. Adopting the technique of Japanese painters - observe before creating - Ramuntcho Matta thought and matured these songs for months, until that precise moment when everything made sense. As frighteningly concise as precise, the 15 tracks are snapshots. Simple chords, harmonious notes, flayed and uncorrected melodies: these are his keywords. You feel more than you hear. And we discover new universes, sometime cinematographic, sometimes noisy. Surprisingly, the entanglement is as gentle on the nerves as it is energetic for the soul. Ramuntcho Matta never displays his technical virtuosity nor does he confine himself to a particular musical style. Ten years after his last album, this principle is even more true with Météorismes.

Cat. number: MAATO43 LP
Year: 2014

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