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Moonsongs - 1
Moonsongs - 2
Moonsongs - 3

Thinking Plague

Moonsongs (LP)

Label: Jelodanti Records

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

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*Limited vinyl edition LP / 300 copies, hand numbered Gatefold cover, hand stamped Lp's with acrylic paint** Originally released as a cassette on Endemic, the band’s label (Denver – 1986), and re-released as an LP on Dead Man’s Curve Records (London – 1987). Founded in 1982 by Mike Johnson and the legendary Bob Drake, Thinking Plague has been releasing impossible to categorize albums to a devoted fan-base for nearly 40 years, and have been a continuous presence in the underground since then, although many years have elapsed between recordings, and only Johnson remains from the original line-up. Produced by Bob Drake and Mike Johnson. Engineered by Bob Drake and Mark Derryberry. Recorded in Denver between 1984 and 1986 at Free Reelin’ Sound and The Yogurt Factory. Cover drawing (the wolf sphere) by Susanne Lewis. Remastered for this CD by Bob Drake at Studio Midi-Pyrenees, Caudeval, France in March 2000. Newly remastered by Bob Drake, with astonishingly improved sound.

* Etude for Combo was recorded live in the “Yogurt Factory,” our old warehouse / rehearsal space / studio, before a small audience of friends, using just two microphones. The piece is heard here just as it was performed without editing or post-production alterations.

Music for 1, 2 and 5 by Mike Johnson. Words for 1 by Mike Johnson and Robbie Johnson. Words for 5 by Mike Johnson - the call and response section was based on “The Song of Amergin,” an ancient Celtic poem, calendar and alphabet. Music for 3 was an improvised at the Yogurt Factory during the Etude for Combo sessions. Music and words for 4 by Susanne Lewis and Bob Drake.

Cat. number: Jelo 18
Year: 2020

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