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Mr. Ondioline, Jean-Jacques Perrey

Mr. Ondioline

Label: Cacophonic

Format: 7" Ep

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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Since the true identity of this sinister masked electronic keyboard villain was revealed in Jean-Jacques Perrey's recent autobiography, the Mr. Ondioline EP has become a desirable record amongst collectors of early electronics. As a controversial figure amongst the early musique concrete pioneers due to his painstaking ambition to put popular melody into edited tape music, this debut release from 1960 hears Mr. Ondioline showcasing Perrey's Ondioline electronic keyboard (and synth precursor) while proudly celebrating the dawn of multitrack recording and tape editing. Pioneering, eerily nostalgic and creatively fearless, this record brings electric melodies to your haunted ballrooms.

"They're not lying about the title of this one – as this rare French EP features some wonderful work on ondioline – that cool electric 60s instrument that was somewhere between an organ and a moog – and which is used here to really great effect! The sounds aren't as trippy as ondioline work of the psych years – but the music is still pretty wonderful – spare, and playful, and with a feel that's as spooky as the image on the cover" dustygroove

Cat. number: CACK 4502EP
Year: 2016

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