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Ricardo Donoso

Iron / Verse Remixes

Label: Digitalis Recordings

Format: 12''

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

Yves De Mey, John Tejada, Recondite, Paul Jebanasam and TM404 put their best jaw forward in slick remixes of Ricardo Donoso's vintage Goan trance-formations. Belgium's Yves De Mey follows impressive outings for Opal Tapes and Semantica with a midnight black take on 'The Sphinx', coolly transposing its darkly sublime early '90s vibes with up-to-the-minute, free-floating sound design, whereas Berlin's Recondite doses the 'floor with a powerful, droning remix of 'Diagonal Environment' amped by rolling bass and pistoning hi-hats. Paul Jebanasam's take on 'Affirmation' is typically grand and solemn with vaulted reverbs and sepulchral harmonics augmented by strobing bass and glistening hi-end. John Tejada imbues 'The Redeemer' with an effortless trance-tech-house momentum, and 'Open Drawer, Full Of Masks' is reworked by Andreas Tilliander's TM404 as a globular acid roller with weighty subbass. Recommended!

Cat. number: DIGIV067
Year: 2014

Mastered by John Tejada and cut to vinyl at D+M Berlin, initial copies on coloured wax. 

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