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Ricardo Donoso

As Iron Sharpens Iron... (EP 1)

Label: Digitalis Recordings

Format: 12''

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

Digitalis trance-master Ricardo Donoso scales heady heights with the first of two EPs (plus a 3rd remix 12") further exploring the potential of electronic hypnotism. The mission first conceived with 'Progress Chance' has now evolved in line with like-minded projects such as Loreno Senni's 'Quantum Jelly', plotting new vectors for a trance music free of fromage and yet still true to the sound's original intentions. On these four tracks his vision is focussed with laser-guided precision, employing ascending tiers of eye-flutter arpeggios in 'Affirmation' before the mission takes a darker, mystic turn with the tense bass roil and energy surge pads of 'The Sphinx'. Flipside, we're transported by the massively dilated breakdown of 'Diagonal Environment' to something simulating the view from a Goan cliffside surveying the splendour of humanity in the throes of ecstasy, whilst 'Old Straight Track' is the slow, winding moebius-strip like bassline and sparkling melodic ascent leading to a proper rush-yer-tits-off-and-weep climax.

Cat. number: DIGIV061
Year: 2013

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