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Label: Last Visible Dog

Format: CD

Genre: Folk

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This is the same Clayton Noone who isn't (but will soon be) a legend; the same man behind the art-punk Futurians and junk-noise Armpit. Nevermind his super obscure CD-R- only collaborations with Last Visible Dog label-mate Antony Milton, going under the name 'Claypipe.' Ironclad however differs from so much of Noone's output in that it is both more personal and more accessible. While none of the trappings of the low-fi New Zealand noise aesthetic are gone, this is more gentle, more melodic; a folk album of sorts, constructed out of feedback and distortion of course. Standing tall with the Dead C, Terminals and Roy Montgomery, Ironclad is a rare intimate encounter with one of the most uncompromising artists of the Southern Hemisphere.
Cat. number: LVD 076
Year: 2006

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