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Works, 2020

Label: Senufo

Format: CD

Genre: Sound Art

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**CD in gatefold carboard wallet, 300 copies. To be released in mid July 2020.** Works, 2020 includes two new compositions, Different Speeds for Decay Instruments (for electric piano; the score of this piece adorns the front cover) and Music for Glass, Plastic and Rubber.

Japanese musician Reizen is based in Tokyo, he composes and performs using mainly drone and minimalist techniques. He plays electric guitar, the inside of pianos, and creates works of phonography. He formed the drone quartet Nerae in 2007. In 2011 he shifted to solo performance. His work has been released on P.S.F. Records, Fylkingen Records and Edition Omega Point, etc. He performs frequently around Tokyo. Notable performances outside Japan include TUSK Festival (UK, 2015), UK tour with Elodie (2016), Empty Gallery (Hong Kong, 2017). In June 2019 with some friends he founded edition zeroso (0奏), a small imprint and series of live performances based in Tokyo.

Cat. number: snf10
Year: 2020

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