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Morishige Yasumune, Reizen

Music For Piano

Label: Edition Omega Point

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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This new recording is collaboration by Yasumune Morishige and Rezen. Yasumune Morishige is one of Japan's most unique voices of the cello, improvising musician. His sound is not only hard edge and deep but also sensitive, however, he has played with other artists almost than solo. Reizen has acted as ambient unit Nerae until several years ago. He plays guitar drone now, and the sound was released on PSF and Fylkingen. In this recording, they played inside (and prepared) piano only. Especially Morishige's solo piano play is extremely rare. Reizen's sound is made from wires of piano vibrated by handy fan.
All tracks consists of their solo playing.

Cat. number: OPX-007CD
Year: 2017

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