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Aoi No Ue - excerpt 1
Aoi No Ue - excerpt 2
Aoi No Ue - excerpt 3

Joji Yuasa

Aoi-no-Ue (LP)

Label: Edition Omega Point

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock

Last copies **50 copies** New designed cover version of Omega Point’s early Joji Yuasa LP appeared just now! "Aoi-no-Ue is composed mainly based on metamorphosed sound of Noh-chant. The other sound is concrete sound such as birds songs, water drops, glasses, warped sound of vibraphone, some generated electronic sound and others. My Blue Sky (No.1) is a special electronic work for me, for most of my other works on this field are based on White Noise. Where as only this piece is exceptionally using the other generated sound." - Joji Yuasa
Cat. number: OPA-001LP-RE
Year: 2019

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