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Joji Yuasa

Obscure Tape Music Of Japan Vol.1: Aoi No Ue

Label: Edition Omega Point

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Music from Japan

Out of stock

Long deleted, last copy of this ultra limited vinyl edition of 150 numbered copies by the
famous composer JOJI YUASA's legendary earliest example of musique concrete “AOI-no-UE” (1961) and his final electronic music composition “My Blue Sky No.1” (1975) made at NHK electronic music studio. The sound of “AOI-no-UE” is made from voices of Japanese traditional Noh theater. “My Blue Sky No.1” on the other hand was made from only clicks and pulses as sonic sound sources. Both works are world premiere issues as obscure tape music series and have never been released before.
Cat. number: OPA 001 LP
Year: 2008

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