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File under: 80s electronic


Early Electronic Works (2CD, special Edition)

Label: Edition Omega Point

Format: CD + CDr

Genre: Electronic

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** Limited Edition to 30 copies, CD + CDr. This special edition is added monaural mixed version CDR for Electronnyk 1976. Onnyk had no mixer at the time ** Onnyk (Yoshiaki Kinno) is a well-known on the field of Japan's underground and free improvisation, acted as 'The Fifth Column", also called 'Daigoretsu', in mid 70's to 80's. This release is not only one of his obscure recordings in earliest years, but also it's rare electronic works on his carrier. "A late friend of mine, two years elder than me, he bought the synthesizer for first public use, made in Japan, SH 1000. He rented me it when I was 18 years old. For I was so interested in making strange sound, the synthesizer was the gospel. I was blamed by my family since I had ever researched to make highly strange sound from ordinal instruments or usual utensils day and night.

I got the usual radio cassette recorder which could over dubbed on the recorded tape only once, and I began to try experimental recordings. Also, I liked the howling noise between the microphone and the speaker, particularly with using some electronic effectors. Controlling them made the various howling patterns. I made some cassettes with these howling.

Also, I made many over-dubbed sounds by using the synthesizer which could produce only single note.


Maybe when I was 20 or 21 years old, I mixed them together. As still I had no mixer, I did it with 3 cassette recorders through the headphone outputs and the microphone inputs. So the different sounds were recorded in left and right channels. If I need to listen to mixed ones, I play some in monaural. I think this idea was great to record the different music to the left and the right channel to use the limited recording time of the cassette as double volume. The result is track1.
Track 2 was recorded directly into cassette deck from the loop of the effectors without microphone. So, I missed the uncertain but subtle effects’ changing of the position and the angle (so called spatial effect) of microphone.The loop of the effectors was regarded as the performance and as the installation. Controlling each effector was a kind of playing. However the sound from the loop changed automatically, maybe by the consumption of batteries (I never used the AC adoptors)." - from liner note

File under: 80s electronic
Cat. number: OP-0015
Year: 2020

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