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Toho Sara


Label: Fractal

Format: CD

Genre: Music from Japan

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The Japanese underground band Johari was create in 1990 by the magic duo Asahito Nanjo (High Rise) and Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple) and will became later, in 1995, this shamanistic avant-garde formation Toho Sara. “Hourouurin” is their third opus, after two albums on PSF “Eastern most” (1995) and “Mei Jou Tan Sho” (1999) and some live performances in Europe during the years 1996 and 1997. “Hourouurin” is a weird unit who attempt to achieve a mystic fusion of ethnic music and rock, according to their own unique methodology. They create a strange musical aura where the vibrations of folk instruments from around the world and electronics merge weirdly. These bizarre recordings enbrace musical shamanism on the one hand, and a subversion of western musical concepts into the abyss of rock on the other. Toho Sara is here at their most mystic side. Acid.
Cat. number: Fractal 025
Year: 2006

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