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JazzEx - (excerpt 1)
JazzEx - (excerpt 2)
JazzEx - (excerpt 3)

Bernard Parmegiani


Label: Fractal

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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This album is a collection of early works from the late 60’s by the french electro-acoustic composer Bernard Parmegiani. Born in Paris (1927) and rich of a “catalogue des oeuvres” of more than 60 pieces, including classics such as “Violistries” 1965, “La Roue Ferris” 1971, “Pour en finir avec le pouvoir d’Orphée” 1971/72, “De Natura Sonorum” 1974/75, the 4 pieces presented in this edition is a perfect exemple for discovering the unusual territories and the eclectism language of the composer: “JazzEx” for electronic tape and Jazz Quartet (Jean-Louis Chautemps: saxophone, Bernard Vitet: trompet, Charles Saudrais: drums, Gilbert Rovère: bass) create at the Festival de Royan in 1966. “Pop Eclectic” 1969, is an electro-acoustic divertimento composed for the Peter Foldés movie. “Du pop à l’âne” 1969, is a collage plunderphonics work. And “Et après” 1973, is an electronic tango featuring Michel Portal on bandoneon. The present version is unreleased and was recorded live at the Festival Manca in 1996. Liner notes by Jean-Louis Chautemps.

Cat. number: Fractal 028
Year: 2006

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