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The Supersonic Electric Waltz

Label: Fractal

Format: LP+CDr

Genre: Psych

Out of stock

Edition of 99 hand-numbered copies only. Famous US band from Milwaukee, F/i not really need introduction for all who have evolved in and around the early 80’s culture cassette movement DIY. First as a duo, Richard Franecki and Greg Kurczewski started the F/i adventure in 1982 and after nearly thirty five years of longevity, F/i is a true original band as shows their destiny and musical orientation : F/i begins as a pure industrial noise band ala Throbbing Gristle, SPK… with harsh electronics sounds alongside with their friends of Boy Dirt Car, and then have turned deeply into heavy spacerock influenced by Hawkwind, Amon Düül, Faust or Blue Cheer and by the punk-paranoid rebel scene at the time, especially Chrome (the magic “U.F.O.” pair Damon Edge/Helios Creed). Few bands can define their identity like this way and there is possibly no equivalent still now, except maybe Psychic TV (with the irreplaceable Genesis P-Orridge).

The years 1985/1986 are the turning point in F/i sound evolution, and particularly with their cassette “The Circle Is the Square” released in 1986 on Brian Ladd and Julie Frith label (a duo responsible of the band Psyclones). The group is then composed by five members: Richard Franecki (guitar, electronics), Brian Wensing (guitar), Steve Zimmerman (electronics), Greg Kurczewski (bass) and Jan Schober (drums). In fact, with insight, this tape is a formidable lost forgotten masterpiece of space-punk rock, a true gem of the genre !!! “one of my personal favorites” wrote Jerry Kranitz of Aural Innovations on his article in Shindig! magazine. I bought the cassette around the same time when I purchased my copy of the F/i second album “Space Mantra” (released on the well-known label RRRecords) late 80’s, and I should well admit today that “The Circle Is the Square” is one of their best realization in their entire discography for sure !

For the 30th anniversary, Fractal presents “The Supersonic Electric Waltz” a new edit and remastered 2016 version of “The Circle Is the Square” cassette on vinyl LP for this special and unique reissue. In summary, yes this new edit is shorter than the original version, but the final impression with just the ten tracks selected here brings to the reissue a much more powerful impact than the full cassette tape as its look like you have just 2 long tracks non-stop and speed with spacey music on each side, just fantastic. It’s a blast! All the highlights are included: the Hawkindnesque ‘vintage 72’ “OnOff”, the awesome garage punker ala SonicsPewaukee Surf”, without forget of course the jewel, THE “F/i” tune “The Circle Is the Square” one of their best ever !! A reworked version have been done later by Vocokesh (Richard Franecki’s other band) but the best rendition of this number is here definitely (nb : the version on “The Past Darkly/The Future Lightly” triple LP boxset & double CD reissue with the track “The Cutter” suffered from poor sound quality !) or even “Wave Number 12” with this great guitar battle duo, so trippy… but at last all tracks should not to be missed as only the complete set played “altogether” formed this great and solid unity !

Half century ago SPACEROCK was born, thank you Syd Barrett, you know the man who have composed “Astronomy Domine”… If Pink FloydThe Piper at the Gates of Dawn” and HawkwindSpace Ritual” are the two ultimate spacerock album masterpieces released in their respective decade 60’s & 70’s, F/i and Spacemen 3 are probably the key bands for the 80’s spacerock !? But Nik Turner (yeah thanks a lot for “Brainstorm” Nik !) with Inner City Unit and later with his own “Space Ritual Live 1994” (and not surprisingly again with Genesis P-Orridge and Helios Creed as tour member !) have well maintained the Spacerock flame and so, it wasn’t a surprised to see F/i played at the Strange Daze festival in august 1997 (America first spacerock festival) with naturally the legendary Nik Turner and Hawkwind !!

This is NOT your captain speaking but If you are into Spacerock, Krautrock, Garage Punk…this “Supersonic Electric Waltz” should keep your attention, absolutely ! And do not panic, this is just a limited edition of 99 copies (and comes with a bonus CDr), so obviously…you know what you should do now… it’s so easy… If you shouldn’t do that… oh well… remember that you are welcome to the F(uture) / ! 

Cat. number: Fractal 022
Year: 2017