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I was a teacher (Lp)

Label: Digitalis Recordings

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock


Includes artwork insert by the artist** Swiftly following his appearance on The Slaves' ace 'Spirits Of The Sun', Birch Cooper really cuts loose on his homebuilt electronics across 'I Was A Teacher'. It's his 1st solo album proper, following the vectors of last year's 'Weird Lesson' tape into burned-out, post-apocalyptic terrain, manifesting bleak visions of fried circuitry and chattering synth noise with a cryptic internal logic that's part human, but more machine. We're reminded of Pat Murano's amazing Decimus records to an extent, largely for its unhinged arrangement and taste for caustic texture, but there's something more earthbound- as opposed to cosmic - at play here, interpolating a sense of impending doom from his machine's hieroglyphic predictions. Like a fractal Conrad Schnitzler experiment, sheer metallic tones buckle and splinter in synthesised space, creating unbalanced energy transfers whose excess heat and light cause chain reactions and uncontrollable variables which elude concrete description by their very nature. Gorgeous stuff - strictly limited copies.

Cat. number: DIGIV014
Year: 2012

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