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Andrew Burnes


Label: Table of the Elements

Format: Vinyl LP One Sided

Genre: Experimental

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ONE-SIDED, ETCHED MARBLE-EFFECT VINYL. This new Guitar Series installment is also the debut solo LP by David Daniell's bandmate in San Agustin, Andrew Burnes - though he may equally be known for his improv collaborations with the likes of Thurston Moore and Ken Vandermark, or as a co-conspirator in Loren Connors' Haunted House. Telescope takes the form of a single, lengthy drone piece, modulating and morphing across an expanse of handsome, marble-effect green vinyl. Burnes isn't shy of morphing and undulating his queasy tones as the composition goes on, drawing out all manner of dissonant overtones from his sound source - which unbelievably is a single steel guitar. Burnes' work here takes on a very physical quality, and it's a drone that feels genuinely substantial, with a real presence. Recommended.
Cat. number: 10981
Year: 2008

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