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Included in:

    Oren Ambarchi

    A Final Kiss On Poisoned Cheeks


    Format: Vinyl LP

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    Another ridiculously limited LPs from Table of the Elements celebrating not only their 15th anniversary but also the humble guitar itself. This time we have a one sided, etched blue slab of wax from the unshakable Oren Ambarchi, a man whose name has become synonymous with quality electronic production. In recent years he has been seen next to Stephen O'Malley and the Southern Lord lot, but here we find him back to doing what he does so well - a gorgeous long-form guitar drone piece taking in all the elements of his best work. I have yet to be disappointed by the man, and this particular LP continues his upward journey into God-like status in the scene. Sure Fennesz might have the column inches but Ambarchi is quickly becoming the man's closest rival and this piece is a testament to that with its slow burning harmonies gradually building into a cacophony of noise and drone.

    What strikes me more than anything is Ambarchi's ceaseless attention to detail and his clear love for the art of recording - this is so utterly precise but none of that academic rigour loses the sense that this is real music at its heart. Ambarchi comes from rock and metal, and there is always a feeling that what he's doing is first and foremost music, and secondly art - that's what sets him apart in my mind from so many of his contemporaries. As with all these Table of the Elements releases there aren't many to go around
    Cat. number: toelp095
    Year: 2008