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David Daniell


Label: Table of the Elements

Format: Vinyl LP One Sided

Genre: Experimental

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ONE-SIDED, ETCHED GREEN VINYL. Released as a part of Table Of The Elements' 15th anniversary celebrations, this LP is another installment in the label's Guitar Series, which features contributions from Fennesz, SunnO)))'s Stephen O'Malley, Thurston Moore. By rights, David Daniell's name should be every bit as widely known as any of those other aforementioned superstars of the avant-garde. His album on TOTE sub-label Xeric (the magnificent Coastal) is an all too often overlooked masterpiece, and his better known work - as band leader for Rhys Chatham's guitar ensembles - is worth getting acquainted with too. This latest emission spans four tracks, ranging in stylistic diversity from epic layered drone scapes to virtuosic Takoma-style fingerpicking. Although that doesn't necessarily sound revolutionary, there's a refinement and attention to detail here that goes way above the call of duty. In production terms the LP sounds beautiful, and even when Daniell soars into heavily distorted territories his guitar is wonderfully polished and crisp, never resorting to lo-fi unpleasantness for impact. The final piece is especially out of the ordinary, with staccato, picked notes establishing a repetitive rhythmic figure while nebulous tonal drifts float around in the background. Very highly recommended.
Cat. number: Es 99
Year: 2008

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