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Label: Three Lobed Recordings

Format: LP x 5

Genre: Experimental

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"Those lucky ducks at Three Lobed Recordings are living the dream. Everyone knows that being a record company is the single coolest thing anyone can do, and now they’ve taken that to a new level by assembling a box set of collaborative albums that seems to be more of a hypothetical wishlist come true.

The Parallelogram 5LP collection takes five musical pairings and lets each one put together a full-length slab of vinyl. And the pairings that Three Lobed has managed to pull off are the cream of the guitar/drone/folk intersection for which the label is known: we’re talking Six Organs of Admittance backed by William Tyler, Philadelphia buddies Steve Gunn and Kurt Vile going head to head, and various iterations of demi-gods such as Thurston Moore, Bill Orcutt, Chris Corsano, and Yo La Tengo doing their thing. Yowzers!" (Tiny Mix Tapes)


- Hiss Golden Messenger / Michael Chapman


- Six Organs of Admittance / William Tyler


- Kurt Vile / Steve Gunn


- Thurston Moore & John Moloney: Caught on Tape / Bishop – Orcutt - Corsano


- Bardo Pond / Yo La Tengo



Cat. number: TLR 109-113
Year: 2015

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