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Crushed Interior

Label: Digitalis Recordings

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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Jim Donadio's debut Psychedelic Black album as Prostitutes came out in 2012 and ended up on many year-end lists, fitting in somewhere between the post-noise abrasive techno of Pete Swanson, Container, Nate Young, etc., the roughened post-punk hues of Powell and the more precision-built constructions of the Raster-Noton label. Donadio's follow-up, Crushed Interior, arrives via Digitalis and picks up where he last left us, taking us through to the next, blackened layer of re-formulated techno templates. Opener "Coming Down Here with Human Needs" lifts slowly but eventually gets sucked down a filtered rabbit-hole before crashing out the other side on top of minimal, crushing rhythms, while "Dial Tone Degradation" pummels you into submission with a no-holds-barred assembly of industrial machinery pounding out massive rhythms that build in intensity until there's no room for the growling bass lines to maneuver. Where Prostitutes really excels, though, is in Donadio's ability to know when to pull it back and let the listener breathe for a minute. The middle duo of "Through Their Hungry Lips" and "Spiders in My Eyelids" sound like the leftovers of a strip-mining operation. The former bounces cryptically with only the vaguest hint of a beat while the latter would be meditative if it wasn't so dense, that sense of unease permeating through to the end of this excellent album.

Cat. number: DIGI 052LP
Year: 2013


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