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Mauricio Kagel

Szenario - Duodramen - Liturgien

Label: NAXOS

Format: CD

Genre: Compositional Form

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Mauricio Kagel is a conductor, writer, teacher and self-taught composer, initially influenced by avant-garde figures such as Boulez and Stockhausen. 'Szenario,' scored for string orchestra and tape, was conceived as an independent work, but quickly found a new role as musical backing to the Luis Bunuel/Salvador Dali silent classic 'Le chien andalou'. Duodramen can be heard either as an orchestral song-cycle in the tradition of Mahler or as an operatic 'final scene' in the tradition of Wagner or Richard Strauss. Composed during 1989-90, 'Liturgien' is Kagel's take on a sacred service so as to illuminate its musical essence from a new perspective.
Cat. number: 8.570179
Year: 2006