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Label: Plinkity Plonk

Format: CD

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In 1983 Dutch experimental band De Fabriek released their second album Neveleiland on their private label in a limited edition of a few hundred copies. Consisting of two beautiful and delicate sides of story-telling (in the Moluccan and Icelandic language) set in a droney, outer world landscape, the album was a landmark in the history of Dutch experimental music. Influenced by the Residents (circa Eskimo) and Conrad Schnitzler this album has a somber electronic sound in which the stories become alive. One story is about a young moluccan soldier who came in 1951 to Holland with his family. On this record he is telling the story of Indonesia that became independent at that time, whilst the other story is about a farmer living high up in the mountains of Iceland. He is living his live slowly day after day till one day two witches are coming and destroy his life. So the story say. Neveleiland sold out quickly and has remained a closely guarded secret for over 20 years. Now Plinkity Plonk records is very pround indeed to present you this amazing album, remastered from the original tapes in the usual gorgeous carton Plinikity Plonk cover. Be quick to order your copy as there are only 500 copies available.
Cat. number: PLONK 17
Year: 2004