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Nu Creative Methods

Nu jungle dances


Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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nu creative Methods was formed by Pierre Bastien & Bernard Pruvost in the 70's. 500 copies of their first Lp, nu Jungle Dances, came out in 1978, on the D'Avantage label. A very few copies were actually sold, despite some excellent critics, and since then, this Lp has never been reissued. The music featured on nu Jungle Dances is improvised, played with Asian, African and Western instruments. To cut short a long story, let's say the result is human, exotic, and free. Because of the Lp musical qualities, of its scarceness, because of Pierre Bastien and Bernard Pruvost individual works, and maybe because nu Jungle Dances is on the nurse With Wound list, this Lp became cult. For this reissue, we had the original tapes remastered by Daniel Deshays (D'Avantage sound engineer) and Pierre Bastien. The original artwork has been cleaned; and the new issue sleeves shows the actual black & white design (the 1978 cover was white & pink, a printer mistake). In 2005, Mr. Pruvost wrote notes to be printed in the new edition, introducing the Lp. 1000 copies in cardboard Lp-style sleeves have been printed.
Cat. number: checd 1978-1
Year: 2007

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