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O Esquadrao Da Morte - excerpt 1
O Esquadrao Da Morte - excerpt 2
O Esquadrao Da Morte - excerpt 3
O Esquadrao Da Morte - excerpt 4

Zé Rodrix

O Esquadrao Da Morte (LP)

Label: Le Vieux Renard Records

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

Out of stock

Exact reproduction LP by Le Vieux Renard Records of this sensational album from the mid 70s. From the golden archives of the Brazilian library, here comes the mighty soundtrack of Carlos Imperial blaxploitation movie 'Esquadrao da Morte'. Written, arranjed and composed by the genius of Zé Rodrix and performed by his band 'Agência de Mágicos', this is a mostly instrumental masterpiece, a perfect meeting between North American '007' moods and Brazilian Funk.Fantastic artwork by artist Benicio. Highlights include: 'Esquadrão da Morte' – the opening track, a beautifully haunting, nervous track. 'Assalto', a great harmonic progression full of jazz intercourses and 'Esconderijo', with great “groove”, heavy bass, moog and electric piano. Killer stuff!
Cat. number: LVR01
Year: 2019

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