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Best of 2020
America Giovane - excerpt 1
America Giovane - excerpt 2
America Giovane - excerpt 3
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Best of 2020

Remigio Ducros

America Giovane (LP)

Label: Vinyl Magic

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

In stock


Killer. First official reissue ever, certified holy-grail. Edition of 300 copies, black vinyl 180gr. Comes with Obi, and original liner notes by Jonny Trunk** At the end of the '60s in Italy - but also abroad, especially in France and England - a very particular trend began to spread, that one known as 'Library music' or 'sonorization': as suggested by its name, those were real music libraries intended for the accompaniment of audiovisual productions such as television programs, advertisements, documentaries and films. Since they were created in total artistic freedom condition, they are often difficult if not impossible to catalog, as they're not anchored to a specific musical genre; this freedom also allowed the authors to compose, sometimes in the most complete anonymity, experimental and avant-garde music, capable of anticipating the sounds that only many years later would have been widespread on a larger scale.  Remigio Ducros, pianist and composer, author of about 20 library music LP's, with "America Giovane" (Young America) produces a heterogeneous compendium of musical genres coming from the United States, that could perfectly fit as an accompaniment to the '60s/70s hippie gatherings and events. Country (Country Feeling, On the West Road), funk (Black Not Coloured), blues (Ride On, Village Blues, State of Harlem), soul/r&b (Black Congregation), southern rock (Rock - H), psychedelic-tinged prog (The New Phylosophy), hard rock (Hendrix Memento, Campus Sit In), plus three songs for solo armonica (Week-end Down Town, Sunday in Central Park) and flute (Lonesome Voice).  "Ritmo dell'industria N. 2" is part of a reissues series, made in collaboration with Edizioni Leonardi (Milan, Italy), of extremely rare library music LP's published between late '60s and early '70s, most of which have never been released again until today, and that are finally made available again for collectors and sonorization music lovers.  First official reissue ever, on 180gr. black vinyl.

Cat. number: VMLP228
Year: 2020

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