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Tibetan Bells - excerpt 1
Tibetan Bells - excerpt 2
Tibetan Bells - excerpt 3

Henry Wolff, Nancy Hennings

Tibetan Bells

Label: Vinyl Magic

Format: CD

Genre: Psych

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Tibetan Bells was a legendary 1971 album by Henry Wolff and Nancy Hennings and Drew Gladstone, originally released by Island label (while in Italy it went out on Bla Bla records, of Franco Battiato fame). It was the first recording to use traditional Tibetan bells and singing bowls, and it's a true estatic listening experience. In 1972 the world was listening to heavy, intense, high-energy music. In the midst of this rock explosion Chris Blackwell of Island Records released Tibetan Bells in the U.K. to critical acclaim. This release became one of the founding stones that built an international interest in sacred world cultures.

Cat. number: VM 064
Year: 2008

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