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Ocean of Colours - excerpt 1
Ocean of Colours - excerpt 2
Ocean of Colours - excerpt 3
Ocean of Colours - excerpt 4
File under: Dhrupad

Amelia Cuni

Ocean of Colours (A. Cuni Sings a Homage To Pandit Bidur Mallik)

Label: Navras

Format: CD

Genre: Folk

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**2019 stock** Amelia Cuni was born in Milan and lived in India for more than ten years learning dhrupad singing from renowned masters (i.e. R. Fahimuddin Dagar and Bidur Mallik, Pt. Dilip Chandra Vedi). She also studied kathak dance and pakhawaj drumming. She received a three year scholarship from the Indian government. Since 1987, she performs internationally and since 1992, she is based in Berlin. Her music is featured on several solo CDs and collaborations. She has recorded for radio and TV productions. Amelia's projects are of traditional and experimental orientation as well. She collaborates with artists from various backgrounds (early and new music, electronica, ambient, experimental, jazz, folk, dance and theatre.) Composers like Terry Riley, Roland Pfrengle, Chico Mello, Fernando Grillo and Maria de Alvear have written for her voice. She has collaborated on experimental projects with David Toop, Paul Schütze, David Moss and Alio Die among others.


Dhrupad is an inspirational, devotional genre and at the same time passionate and earthy like most of Indian sacred art. It is highly melodious and its meditative moments are balanced by structures of great rhythmic vitality. As per title, on Ocean of Colours Amelia Cuni pays homage to one of her Indian teachers.

File under: Dhrupad
Cat. number: NRCD 0220
Year: 2009