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Polarities - side A (excerpt)
File under: Drones

James Eck Rippie, Colin Andrew Sheffield

Polarities (tape)

Label: Tanuki

Format: TAPE

Genre: Electronic

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Brussels’ based media saboteur Yann Leguay operates with conscious ambiguity at the intersection of music, sound art and installation. Depending on the context you could as well describe him as a performance artist, a musician or a visual artist. He has little interest for such definitions and feels all the more unobstructed in his work, ready to hop from one domain to the other freely. On this release for Tanuki records he presents two contrasted pieces. The A-side, entitled “Here I am / A portrait of Brad Downey”, is a paradoxical conceptual field recording, a sonic portrait of American artist Brad Downey obsessively punctuating a seventeen minutes soundwalk in Berlin.
The B-side, entitled “Live in Catacombes”, is described as being made using his classic set-up: a series of repurposed broken computer hard drives and electronic devices, surgically tinkered to turn them into static-emitting noise turntables. Buzzing, screeching, pulsing, radiating, humming sounds flow like a blown-up version of a macroscopic universe, invisible but swarmingly busy. Both tracks confirm the wide range of Leguay’s talent and his desire to challenge the listener’s expectations. (Careful Catalogue)

File under: Drones
Cat. number: 23
Year: 2017

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