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Dave Light - Rumple
Primitive Calculators - Signals

Primitive Calculators

Primitive Calculators And Friends 1979-82

Label: Chapter Music

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Originally released by Chapter Music in 2007. After reissuing the landmark 1979 live album by Melbourne's ferocious synth-punk snarlers Primitive Calculators in late 2004, Chapter Music follows up with a crucial compilation of tracks by Primitive Calculators and their friends from the legendary Melbourne Little Band scene. Including the Calculators' only studio recording, the single "I Can't Stop It" b/w "Do That Dance," plus the Little Bands compilation EP (both originally released in 1979 and now highly-prized collectors items), plus numerous live and rehearsal recordings, this CD examines a particularly fertile and distinctive time in Melbourne music history, which has been discussed in hushed tones ever since. It takes in bands with names like Thrush & The Cunts and Too Fat To Fit Through The Door, and ranges from disaffected Fitzroy art-punk to Sudanese tribal chanting recorded in London. With liner notes culled from a revealing interview with Prim Calcs members Dave Light, Denise Hilton and Frank Lovece, plus rare photos and song lyrics, Primitive Calculators And Friends is a revelatory companion piece to their live album, which received a rave review from Maximum Rock'n'Roll and a 10 out of 10 "Album of the Month" feature in the Australian version of Vice magazine, amongst other stellar reviews. Other crazed offshoots chronicled here include: Morpions, The Take, Ronnie & The Rhythm Boys, Zye Ye Ye, Take Two and The Egg.
Cat. number: CH55
Year: 2007

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