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Best of 2018
Rythmes Contemporains - excerpt 1
Rythmes Contemporains - excerpt 2
Rythmes Contemporains - excerpt 3
Rythmes Contemporains - excerpt 4
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Best of 2018

Janko Nilovic

Rythmes Contemporains (Lp)

Label: Broc Recordz

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

Out of stock

**Stunning reissue released on Broc Records. Limited to 500 copies** An incredible record from the legendary Yugoslavian composer Janko Nilovic, often hailed as the best LP in his vast catalogue, as well as one of the most accomplished French library ever made in France. Recorded in 1972 for the Montparnasse 2000 Radio/TV/Film library, 'Rhythmes Contemporains' showcases the most accomplished French musicians of the time, utilising a 45-piece orchestra to work on these sessions, which explains the spectacular sounds and huge dynamic range of this very haunting and monumental work. More than a good Library this is an actual fantastic fusion album, don't miss it

Cat. number: rc001
Year: 2018

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