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Funky Tramway - excerpt 1
Funky Tramway - excerpt 2
Funky Tramway - excerpt 3
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Janko Nilovic

Funky Tramway (Lp)

Label: Underdog

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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Take the Funky Tramway with Janko Nilovic and the Mad Unity Band! Here is another most wanted lbrary LP composed by iconic Janko Nilovic who recorded it with some of the finest musicians from Belgium under the Mad Unity group including Koen De Bruyne on Keys, Richard Rousselet & JP Onraedt from Placebo, Synthe wizard Dan Lacksman. No need to say more, you know this album is good from start to finish. "One of the coolest projects ever from funky sound library genius Janko Nilovic – and one of his most-sampled records too! The albums maybe even more offbeat than some of Janko's previous projects – as it features a studio group, named Mad Unity, with a very heavy lineup of keyboards next to some tight bass, drums, percussion, and even a bit of trumpet! There's maybe a bit more unity to the record, given the ensemble instrumental approach – and there's female singers at a few spots, who deepen the soulful vibe of the set. The real appeal, though, is Janko's mad keyboards – which almost hit Marc Moulin/Placebo level, in the way that they can bring all these weird spacey touches to the grooves." Dustygroove

Cat. number: UR825691
Year: 2017

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