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mythical beast

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mythical beast - Scales

mythical beast


€ 15.90

GENRE: Rock | FORMAT: Vinyl LP | CATALOG N. nnf151lp | YEAR. (2009)

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*Orange Vinyl* Like a would-be soundtrack to some forgotten Wagnerian saga, Mythical Beast's debut full-length unleashes sonic elements akin to trudging minions in an epic struggle for tonal supremacy. This bloodless battle is for hearts and minds though, and is shot through with majesty and pathos. It's no wonder that a trio commanding this type of simple yet nuanced compositional energy would risk life and limb crossing the New Orleans "security" perimeter one month post-Katrina to rescue their gear from a semi-ravaged practice facility. The fact certainly provides insight into the spirit behind their dread progressions of guitar, bass and vocals. Mythical Beast's music is dank, grim and heavy as hell, but at its heart lies an indestructible momentum and spirit in no small part due to Corrine's Valkyrie-esque presence. All this is an elaborate way of saying that Mythical Beast wield power and majesty with equal acumen. Highly Recommended.

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