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Bambi Kino Duo

See Heat

Label: International Anthem Recording Company

Format: TAPE

Genre: Experimental

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Mornings at the Case family breakfast table in summer-to-fall 2013 passed to the score of Justin Walter’s Lullabies & Nightmares, a solo record debuted for Chicago’s stalwart Kranky label that spring. A willfully reflective amendment to the AM ritual, Brian Case found a stirring soulful resonance in Walter’s cooing geographies. After decades under the alt rock context with 90 Day MenThe Ponys and Disappears, in recent years, Case’s interests have turned to more textural and alinear musical endeavors. The work of American electronic composer Jon Hassellin particular propelled Case into electronic manipulations of his home recordings. Though little more than acquaintances, Case decided to invite Walter in to help him flesh out some of his independent studies.

In late 2014, the duo chose two studio dates in Chicago to meditate on the courtship of their individual musical constructions. Walter phrased his EVI (electronic valve instrument) as a complementary color beaming and echoing—following a common initiative to simply “spread out” a feeling. The six resulting pieces do not mince words and, instead, turn the focus to the process of the two artists’ intrinsic exchange.

See Heat is Brian Case and Justin Walter’s collaborative introduction - a definitive moment unto itself, as well as a premonition and hope of further meditations from this kindred tandem registry. 

Cat. number: IARC0007

Hi fi chrome+ cassette tape inside 5" reel box designed by Dante Augustus Scarlatti. Limited edition, 111 copies only