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Silence Please - Excerpt


Silence Please (Tape)

Label: Good Morning Tapes

Format: tape

Genre: Experimental


The 14th release on Good Morning comes from... Tapes! Along with fellow cult member's Taal Tarang Digitall, Riyaz Master and Raagini Pro, Tapes transcribes physical interaction into electrical energy on his first cassette release in almost 10 years! Uniquely personal & 100% originally composed, “Silence Please” see’s the London Dub Meister veer away from his past riddim traditions and see’s him dive into a totally different sonic environment! Light a stick of your favourite incense and let these uplifting tanpura drones, throbbing tabla machines and blissful flute melodies on this C30 cassette sweep over your mind, body & spirit!

Cat. number: GMV09
Year: 2020