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Sketches From New Brighton

Label: Kranky

Format: Vinyl LPx2

Genre: Electronic

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*Deluxe 2LP Edition Now In Stock* Scott Morgan makes a welcome return with his seventh album of amorphous ambient drift as Loscil. Since 2001 the Vancouver resident has eked out a special niche with his much-loved Kranky releases, a sound that's equal parts dub techno momentum and tenderly organic sound design, one which consistently and carefully treads a fine line between crepuscular, chamber-like melancholy and widescreen optimism. 'Sketches From New Brighton' is an impressionistic collection inspired by his time spent watching the ships drift by from an ocean side park in Vancouver. It unfolds as gracefully as that imagery evokes; massive abstract shapes serenely, quietly cut across rippling rhythmic patterns, distant fog horn like sonorities ricocheting across the bay with the noirish, North Western elegance of a Badalamenti theme for a Twin Peaks. This is a really lovely album, do check if you're into The Sight Below, Biosphere, Yagya...(Boomkat)

Cat. number: krank171
Year: 2012

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