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Electronic Execution Vol. 1

Label: Second Sleep

Format: TAPE

Genre: Noise

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Concived as a selection of jams of free form and linear electonic ideas, Electronic Execution pretends to dissolve (to execute) the prosaic world  of images in invisible and ancestral soundscapes.
RM is the last incarnation of Riccardo Mazza, important underground personality from regional scene of Veneto where our curator Nico Vascellari was born and raised. Mazza has been member of projects such as A Flower Kollapsed, Lago Morto, Orfanado e Lettera 22. His debut under his new moniker RM, Current Logic released via Second Sleep, is a dystopian journey through noise obsessions, claustrophobic shades and ghostly samples.

Cat. number: SS077
Year: 2016

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